Black Friday Sales is Now a Real Thing in Australia

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

What is actually a shopping frenzy in the US based on its cultural traditions, Black Friday shopping has now well and truly spread into the Australian market and has caught on like wildfire by consumers and retailers alike in 2018.

Five years ago Halloween was one of those things that Australians were iff-y about. It was more of a Do I... don’t I? type mentality. But in 2018 it is quite a different story. Halloween has well and truly shaped out to to be something that Australians have adopted, despite not having any claim to its traditional beginnings.

Aussies have gone also bananas over the Black Friday sales in 2018.

And it’s pretty much the same story with Black Friday sales, only in this case, it has catapulted within a very quick 12 months! Aussies have gone bananas over the Black Friday sales in 2018 and I think it’s about to get a whole lot bigger in 2019 and beyond.

For those not familiar with what Black Friday sales are all about - it’s actually an American tradition that marks the end of US holiday Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas shopping period.

Black Friday in Australia is creating a strong and massive brand, collectively.

In 2018 Australian retailers have dropped prices over Black Friday nationwide on a broad range of categories, including electronics, clothing, kitchenware and more.

So, why are Australians adopting it?

I think Black Friday is catching on like wildfire amongst Australian retailers because they can gather and combine in the one message and really help build it - creating a strong and massive brand, collectively. Local retailers can also leverage off what is currently a very huge US brand and with cross border e-commerce at a high, local consumers are becoming more international in their shopping habits; last year 33% of Australian shoppers purchased abroad according to digital marketing firm Contevo. Also, for Australian shoppers, this collective message makes it feel like something really huge is going on - it’s hard to miss it.

In 2017, around 70% of Americans shopped over the Black Friday weekend sales, according to The Washington Post. It is predicted that over here, over 21% of Australians will take part in 2018, spending a whopping $320 million.

The fantastic thing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in Australia is that the whole nation looks to be taking part in it. It’s free for Australian retailers to partake, however they like, and the offers for shoppers will likely gain in competitiveness - it’s already pretty competitive from the looks.

Black Friday also offers a more leisurely type of sale shopping for consumers, where the sale extends from Friday, over the weekend, then spills onto another made-up thing - Cyber Monday, something that is also gaining traction here, helping to grow Australia’s e-commerce pie.

2018 has really seen the kick-off of Black Friday shopping in Australia - it’s going to be a virtuous cycle of growth, year-after-year.

Big retailers like eBay, Amazon, Myer and Cotton On and some of my favourites too like kikki.K, Apple, Adidas, David Jones, Koala, Revolve and Lululemon are having some incredible sales on new and current season items.

As a nation that follows in the footsteps of the US, 2018 has really seen the kick-off of Black Friday shopping in Australia and I think it’s going to be a virtuous cycle of growth, year-after-year. It's a pity we don’t get the Thanksgiving holiday here, but as a Melbournian I’m willing to let that go given we do get the AFL Grand Final and Melbourne Cup holiday in Victoria.

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