The Bum Bag is Here to Stay

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Belt bag, bum bag, fannie pack or whatever else you would like to call it, this accessory once worn by happy snap tourists, is “in” in 2018 in a major way. They were spotted all over spring/summer 2018 catwalks, and there’s a style to suit almost everyone, which can be worn in so many ways.

Sling them over you hips, wear them over your shoulder like a gun holster, thread them through the loops in your jeans, wear them over a blazer to pinch-in your waist or over a maxi dress to show off curves. Love em or hate them, it's undeniable - the bum bag has some serious swagger.

Today, the bum bag is the quickest way to earn style points. It first made its comeback as a festival bag in 2016 but this retro classic has been reimagined in 2018 as a signature fashion accessory, combining style with practicality.

Today, the bum bag is the quickest way to earn style points.

I tend to gravitate towards “practical style”, which for me leans into creating “effortless grace” that most people think some people were just born with. And some people were, but I think the bum bag can help, and in 2018 it’s presented as a sophisticated look.

Why I Love the Bum Bag

For those who know me, I’m a hands-free kinda girl and I favour practical style any day. As I’ve previously said, you’ll never scout me in heels that I cannot walk properly in, but you’ll never catch me in pumps that don’t compliment my personal style either.

The bum bag takes things to another level though... it keeps all my bits and bobs (phone, cards, keys, lippy compact and more) contained while I move around, providing me with easy access to my essentials while keeping it safe as it’s literally right under my nose, staying true to its humble beginnings as a travel accessory. I can also double it up as a belt and I often wear it over my blazer or a maxi to clinch in my waist, creating a sophisticated ladyboss look. And then there’s my workouts at my local running track, The Tan Track in South Yarra, Melbourne which spans 6.7km - I gotta be hands free for a run.

Gucci’s CG Marmont quilted belt bag would have to be my favourite on the market right now. They look good in just about any colour, but being a fitness fanatic I also have my eye on Fenty x Puma's Rhianna Collection and Fila’s athleisure designs as well. High street fashion labels are all coming out with their own eye-catching designs too, so I cannot wait to see what will be available in Australia in the small leather goods category over the coming months!

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