I Found the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I’m not price-conscious when it comes to a well fitted pair of jeans. They're a wardrobe staple worthy of investment, given its wearability. I prefer to shop with local brands, but with international retailers entering the marketing catering to the market, it’s hard for a consumer to argue.

How many of you can identify with having a go-to pair of jeans? You know, that winning pair out of your entire wardrobe that you know you not only rock the socks of, you feel uber sexy in them. One retailer has added to its denim sizing, which has made me very happy!

I used to be a Nobody Denim girl, especially after all that publicity from Miranda Kerr’s obsession with the cult skinny circa 2013. But, it’s fair to say the last pair of mid-rise skinnys I bought from Nobody (and the previous one for that matter) was pretty much transformed into the perfect pair of jeans thanks to a whole lot of tailoring which cost more than the actual pair of jeans. Here’s what I did to it - I pulled the waist in, brought the waistband down, clinched the thighs in, changed the calf to replicate an old pair of jeans I bought from Selfridges during my London days, plus a nip to the hem.

They were so impeccably tailored, I was nothing short of comments and questions whenever I stepped out in these jeans, most commonly - “Where are your jeans from?” I had changed them so much from the original pair that I wondered whether I was lying by saying Nobody Denim - I should honestly say it was a collaboration I did with Nobody? Seriously, if they went in-store or hopped online, they simply wouldn't find these.

I should probably disclose that I am what is considered a petite frame - I’m 5 foot 4 with a 28 inch waist and I’m finding more and more retailers are catering for this size range.

A recent trip to Nobody Denim's flagship store in Brunswick, Melbourne saw me pretty annoyed.

So, a month ago I was in the market for a new pair of denims. Either my Nobody skinnys have majorly shrunk in the wash or I have gained weight. Regardless, I don’t feel amazing in them anymore and I need a new go-to pair of jeans. A quick trip to Nobody Denim's flagship store in Brunswick, Melbourne saw me pretty annoyed.

Two major pain points for consumers - retailers that change its sizes and items looking vastly different in person than online.

The smallest pair of jeans in-store is not only too large, I’m convinced that the size is even larger than it was four years ago - yep, a common point of annoyance towards fashion retailers that change its sizing. Another major point of frustration - the two pairs of jeans that caught my eye online looked nothing like they did in the images on the brand's online store - the cut was very different for both pairs. Another pain point for consumers. I walked out within minutes.

Ok, so let’s get to the jist of things. I was quite stunned when I walked into Zara, Melbourne over the weekend and found not one, but two pairs of the perfect jeans, styles I had been coveting for over a year but just couldn’t find a decent fit. Now it’s fair to say that Zara has never been my go-to for jeans. But something has changed recently.

Bingo, Zara have introduced a size 32 jean in Australia - a game changer for me when it comes to denim. Previously, its smallest size in jeans available was 34. So, what did I buy? A pair of dark denim mom jeans, pictured here (I’m in love with these) which can be paired with pretty much any heel, from sneakers to flat mules, to heel sandals, court shoes or stilettos, and can be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a smart office look or a night out. Now that’s what I call a go-to pair of jeans.

The other winner was a pair of high rise cropped jeans in grey. Another perfect fit which can be styled in endless ways. The $69.95 price point was a bonus compared with $239 for a pair at Nobody.

It's fair to say I’m not price-conscious at all when it comes to a well-fitted pair of jeans as I see them as a wardrobe staple that is worthy of investment, given its wearability. I naturally prefer to shop with local brands, but with international retailers like Zara entering the marketing, catering to the market, it’s hard for a consumer to argue.

On an ending note, I’d like to put it out there that there is no such thing as a “real woman” in terms of real woman’s size - women come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are a size 10, some 22, some size 4. While petite or larger sizing isn’t as common, I find retailers are increasingly catering to this market, not just in the number on the label, but in true sizing. Most often these sizes are sold out when I ask for them, so somebody must be buying them?

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