No Joke, I Want Everything From Target’s Spring Collection

Have you taken a look at Target’s latest nature-inspired homewares collection lately? Whatever its design team are doing, it should keep doing it as Target is absolutely nailing this category!

A quick stroll through Target’s redesigned Chadstone store for white tights resulted in me deflecting to the homewares section and before I knew it I rethinking my current bedroom theme.

From tye-dye quilt covers, natural linen and pastel florals to marble, denims, metallics and darker shades of grey - the prints, quality of fabrics, textures and overall feel of the designs from Target’s Inspired by Nature homewares collection are a beautiful blend of sophistication, nature and comfort. To add, its name “Inspired by Nature” captures it perfectly.

Investing more in homewares is redefining this category for Target.

Now I’ll admit, Target has never been my go-to retailer for bedroom linen, but it’s clear the retailer is looking to capture a bigger slice of consumer dollars in the homewares category and if it continues to focus and invest in the design element and remain consistent, I think it will. Five years ago, I would never have used the word “sophistication” to describe any of Target’s homebrand items, but in 2018 that is quite the contrary.

The retailer isn't just nailing its designs.

Investing more in this area is redefining this category for Target, which in turn benefits its customers - not only in the quality of its products, but in terms of value for money, which has remained consistent. The company isn't just nailing its designs - the prices are pretty hard to argue with. A linen queen size quilt cover set will set you back a mere $69, which is a far cry from the traditional cost for linen fabric quilt covers and in comparison with other brands. Its pillows, throws and sheets are also very affordable for the quality.

I took a stroll through womenswear to check out Target’s Styled by Nature collection as well - again, picking a couple of star items like its linen joggers and linen shirts at hard-to-beat prices. Unfortunately, they do not make these in my size, as I’m a size 4 and the joggers start from an 8, but it’s a great cut and style.

Well done Target! I look forward to what's to come in future seasons and I may check in again when I'm due for my next bedroom haul - stay tuned!

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